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In Bread Maine Coon Cat Contest (Ended)

Today is the start of our newest Maine Coon Fancy photo contest. A special perk provided for our members, so you do need to join the Maine Coon Fancy forums to participate. Please click here to register as a member.


You will need to submit a picture of a Maine Coon cat with a slice of bread around their face to enter. (Also, the prize is smaller than usual since we will be having similar contests for a few months.)


1 Prize winner will receive:

  • $15 US Amazon Gift card.
  • Home page photo and bio article about the winners Maine Coon cat. This will be displayed on the home page for a minimum of 30 days.
Official rules:
  • Start date April 25, 2013 at 10:00 PM EST
  • End date: May 31, 2013 12:00 PM EST
  • Open worldwide
  • Must be age of majority for your country of residence (Ex. Us is age 18)
  • One entry per household.
  • If you wish to submit additional "In Bread" pictures of your other Maine Coons for fun, place the words NON ENTRY above your photo.
  • All pictures must be of a Maine Coon cat with their face "In Bread".
  • All entries must contain only 1 Maine Coon cat, and no other animals.
  • Picture can not be edited in any way except for corrections for poor lighting or size adjustment.
  • The person submitting the entry must be the owner of the Maine Coon pictured.
  • The photo can not be taken by a professional photographer, and must be taken by the entrant.
  • Maximum photo size: 2000 kb
  • No Maine Coon Fancy Staff or their immediate families are Eligible. Although they can submit pictures for fun.
  • Winner will be required to supply the orginal photo for the bio prior to receiving their prize.
  • Minor adjustments to the rules can be made while the contest is in process at the administrators option. This is to cover unforseen issues that may arise.
  • Anyone found not following the rules will be disqualified.
How to enter:
  • All you need to do is join our forums and upload a picture to this topic. If you click "more reply options" at the bottom of the posting window you will be presented with an advanced editor with the option to attach files. You may only attach one photo.
  • There will be a total of 3 judges, 2 moderators and the administrator And we promise you that judging will be 100% fair. This will not be a popularity contest, and we shall choose the photo that we personally feel is the best. Please make certain that you have adequate lighting for the picture, All judging decisions are final.