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Maine Coon Product Reviews

Review - Da Bird, The Cat Toy That All Cats Love

Jun 08 2016 01:09 PM | candes in Maine Coon Product Reviews

The Da Bird cat toy has been been brought up here quite often in the past, and I feel that perhaps it is time for a formal review. How many times have we all bought a toy only to have Fluffy snub their nose at it? Well, this is a toy that I have yet to...

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Review - Tiki Cat - Cat Food

Apr 08 2013 10:45 PM | candes in Maine Coon Product Reviews

Today I was at Pet Supplies Plus and ran across a new unfamiliar canned cat food. Immediately I scooped up what should be 2 popular flavors to try on my babies. Later I will try some others, so this review will be updated as my cats try each new flavor...

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Lazy Pet Kitty Window Perch Review

May 08 2012 12:03 AM | candes in Maine Coon Product Reviews

Ok who here spares no expense on their Maine Coon's? So of course when looking for a cat perch, money was no object. But every review that I looked at for the high end cat perches mentioned falling perches. YIKES!!! No way my 17 pound bubba is gonna tr...

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