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Lazy Pet Kitty Window Perch Review

Ok who here spares no expense on their Maine Coon's? So of course when looking for a cat perch, money was no object. But every review that I looked at for the high end cat perches mentioned falling perches. YIKES!!! No way my 17 pound bubba is gonna try one of those!


One perch in particular was not very expensive. In fact it was less than $25 and provided a free cat toy inside also! (That was likely a limited promo.) And there were very few reviews for it, but zero bad reviews. And I was like hmmm... most folks don't say anything unless it is bad.


So for Xmas 2010 I bought my Teddy Bearz a Lazy Pet perch. And that thing is still holding strong! And it has even tolerated 28 pounds of cat on it, since both my Teddy Bearz and Cleo lay on it together!


With 4 cats that perch rarely sits unused. But the Maine Coon's love it the most.


Since writing this article, there has been a bit of a change. We were painting the walls, and decided to remove it temporarily. My goodness was that stuck on there well. So two of us pulled and pulled until, snap... Yes that thing was so secure, that we broke it. And we were just prying apart the Velcro that holds it on the window sill.


Anyways this gave us good reason to buy the larger one meant for multiple cats. And we placed it instead on the left side of our window vs. the middle. That thing has been there for years now.


Lazy Pet Kitty Window Multi Cat Perch


Lazy Pet Kitty Window perch - regular size