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Review - Da Bird, The Cat Toy That All Cats Love

The Da Bird cat toy has been been brought up here quite often in the past, and I feel that perhaps it is time for a formal review. How many times have we all bought a toy only to have Fluffy snub their nose at it? Well, this is a toy that I have yet to see a cat snub. So if you are looking for an inexpensive toy I would highly recommend this. This toy also provides much needed exercise that many house cats are missing from their lives.


Exercise is important for your pet, especially if they are having behavioral issues, Play can decrease stress, depression, destructive behaviors, and aggression towards both other pets and humans. But even with normal cats, play just makes an even better more balanced happy kitty.


So if you are buying your Maine Coons the best food, the best supplies, and basically the best of everything. Da Bird should be on the top of your list! I would suggest visiting Amazon to read further reviews. Click here for Amazon reviews and to purchase.


You can see how enthralled all 3 cats are here:



Da Bird12.jpg




And also, here is some video from that first Xmas with their new toy





Feb 11 2018 05:59 PM

Ha!  My cats loved this toy, but the two largest males I have got a little carried away!  They thought it was real!  They would dive at this thing and hold on for dear life and hiss and growl like CRAZY!  My sweet boys turned into raving killers when this was brought out!   I had to hide it to avoid fights it was so bad  =P