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Pinned  Maine Coon Rescue Organizations

Mar 20 2012 12:26 PM | elismom in Maine Coon Reference

Typically breeders will re-home their breeding stock when they retire and spay or neuter them. They are frequently offered for a nominal fee or even free to a great home. Sometimes kittens are returned to breeders due to allergies or other circums...

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Pinned  Maine Coon Cat Breed Information

Mar 22 2012 06:26 PM | elismom in Maine Coon Reference

MAINE COON TRAITS Maine Coon cats are a distinctive breed and North America's oldest natural breed. They are often referred to as gentle giants due to their larger than average stature and gregarious temperament. Males typically weigh from 15 to 2...

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Pinned  Maine Coon Breed Standards

Mar 27 2012 09:41 AM | ncarver in Maine Coon Reference

It is common on cat websites to find quite a few people asking if their rescue cat is (part) Maine Coon, and many rescue/shelter organizations tend to list any good-sized, longer-haired cat as "Maine Coon." To be a true Maine Coon, of course, the...

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Pinned  Training Your Maine Coon Cat To Do Tricks

Apr 09 2012 08:20 PM | LilyC in Maine Coon Reference

Maine Coons are intelligent cats. Most times than not, you can train your Maine Coon or any cat for that matter to do tricks. I trained Tequila in less than an hour in total to shake a paw, high five, and play fetch. The latter seems more sporadic when...

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Pinned  Maine Coon Weight Chart

Aug 23 2012 03:15 AM | candes in Maine Coon Reference

Maine Coon Fancy Forums has a section dedicated to the growth and weights of Maine Coon cats. We will also be charting the weights of our members purebred Maine Coon cats. Our intention is to gather worldwide data from all of our members to create a Ma...

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Pinned  Recommended Maine Coon Breeder Tests

Oct 01 2013 01:50 AM | Coonlover in Maine Coon Reference

Even though you want your Maine Coon to grow very old our beloved breed can be prone to diseases. It is very important that if you buy a pedigreed kitten that you buy a kitten from a breeder that does health testing. Most breeders will also exclud...

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