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Maine Coon Weight Chart

Maine Coon Fancy Forums has a section dedicated to the growth and weights of Maine Coon cats. We will also be charting the weights of our members purebred Maine Coon cats. Our intention is to gather worldwide data from all of our members to create a Maine Coon weight chart like no other. If you would like to add to our data, just list the requested info at this link. Maine Coon Weight Submissions.


Finding our new section is easy, just look at the top of this site in the navigation bar. There you will see a menu item for the MC Weight Chart. (Although one of our site graphic themes we offer will display this on the left.) Along with the weight chart, you will find some other interesting information on the growth and weights of Maine Coon cats.


Our Maine Coon growth and weight section will be updated regularly, and at times, you may even find new graphs and charts. Right now, we have a static chart, an interactive chart, and graphs for kittens. Eventually when we have enough data will will also have the typical, age related charts that you are more familiar with.

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Just an update...  I am making the actual weight charts finally.  The data I have will have to do, and it has certainly been a long process.  I can still modify the charts later on.  Like I said, this is a continuing project.

Candes I received your request for weights on my two Maine Coons, promptly drug out the postage scale that I last weighed them on and here is a laugh for you... I hoisted Tigger the male up on it and promptly broke the scale.  I've ordered a new digital bathroom scale to use for them.  They are only eight months old and the male is now 39" long, standing 15" at the shoulder and the female GiGi is running him a close second.  Will get back to you here at the forum with more accurate weights and measures when I get the good scale.  They eat incessantly and race around the house like NASCAR racers so there is no danger of them becoming obese.  Tigger is long and lean and GiGi is a little pudgier since she is a better eater. They have large ancestors so their size doesn't surprise me.