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Training Your Maine Coon Cat To Do Tricks

Maine Coons are intelligent cats. Most times than not, you can train your Maine Coon or any cat for that matter to do tricks. I trained Tequila in less than an hour in total to shake a paw, high five, and play fetch. The latter seems more sporadic when chasing a toy. But he will chase and fetch after his enzadent oral care chews. He's just my silly little boy. At least his teeth gets a good clean while he's playing.


You've heard of the ol' adage, you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Same goes for cats. It is always easier to train a kitten than an adult. Tequila was 6 months old when he learnt to shake a paw. 7 months old when he learnt to high 5. He learnt to fetch on his own but not without a bit of coaxing and a reward. However, I have not been able to train our 6 months old female, Maya to do tricks. Does the gender matter? I don't know. They say females are more gracious and dignified whereas males tend to have the clownish, goofy personality. So is it possible that girls think tricks are just for silly boys?


To train your Maine Coon, you need consistency and patience. Cats have good memory. The more repetitious the trick is, the better they understand. You will need to have a handful of their favorite treat and sit in front of them on the floor. Next step is to give them a command. Start with their name and then the command. For example - "Tequila, shake a paw" or " Tequila, paw". In the beginning, after the command, take their paw in your hand and shake it. Then reward with a treat and praise. Keep the training sessions short (no more than 15 minutes) as their attention span becomes null and void. Or if they see something better to do like chase after lil' sis. Repeat the process until your cat extends their paw freely to shake when given the command. Once you've conquered this trick, try training them to High 5 or even play fetch. Importantly, have fun and be patient. Remember to take video and upload it here on the Maine Coon Fancy. Posted Image



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Learned our boy Azran to give me a high five.
Playing fetch was something he did from the start. In the evening when we are watching tv he brings us his toy and we keep trowing it away and he keeps bringing it back :-)
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I know this isn't a "trick" per se' but my Samson will stop cleaning himself or eating or whatever it is and lay down when I tell him it's bedtime. He just lays down and goes to sleep, this is so adorable to me :)
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I'm hoping I will be patient enough to teach mine some tricks. I definitely give the paw trick a try :)
Milo played fetch from the time I brought him home. He knows what outside and inside means! He likes to hang out in our screened in patio and watch the birds and butterflies. This is truly the best breed of cat ever!

Can anyone give me advice on how to train to fetch. My kitten was doing it naturally then just stopped. How do you show them that you want them to return the toy?

Can anyone give me advice on how to train to fetch. My kitten was doing it naturally then just stopped. How do you show them that you want them to return the toy?

https://mainecooncom...n-cat-training/ #Train your maine coon like a Dog

My Lucy can high five and shake a paw! Even sit pretty:)