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Maine Coons Flip For PureBites Treats Sweepstakes (Ended)

Maine Coon

Today I would like to formally announce our new sweepstakes called the, "Maine Coons Flip For PureBites Treats Sweepstakes". The prize, which is sponsored by PureBites themself, is a hefty 11.6 oz Super Value bag of freeze dried chicken treats. Entry is entirely free and you can enter by either clicking on the ad in our forums or visiting the sweepstakes section on our navigation bar. You must also be registered as a member (also free) of Maine Coon Fancy to enter.


I sought out sponsorship from PureBites on purpose. Why? Because their chicken treats are 100% freeze dried chicken, packaged in the USA. This means that you can trust the product, which means a lot to me. Plus, Maine Coons love them!


The reason I asked them to sponsor the super value dog sized bag is well, Maine Coons have hearty appetites. Although I would suggest buying the cat sized bag to try a new flavor, a cat sized bag is a single small snack for my big Teddy Bearz. Plus the pieces are too small for him. You can always break the dog sized pieces down if they are too large.