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Meet The Winner Of The Maine Coon Fancy "In Bread" Contest

Maine Coon Fancy wishes to congratulate our member VA Brew for taking this outstanding picture of her Maine Coon, Winter Bock. We just loved Winter's King Tut impersonation!


SaraJen Winter Bock was born on July 26, 2009 to (sire) RWSGC SaraJen Shiner Bock and (dame) SaraJen Georgia Moon. She was bred by Teri at the SaraJen Cattery in Arlington, Virginia.


Winter is a very sweet and loving kitty. She is very mild tempered and loves to be with people. She follows us around the house and lets us know if we have not been paying enough attention to her. She loves to play and lights up when she sees Da Bird or the laser pointer. She also likes to go outside on the balcony and watch all the real birds. Like many 'kids' she does not like to be told 'no' and will chatter back at you if she does not want to listen to you.


Winter shares her home with her big brother (and litter mate) SaraJen Marzen
Fitzpatrick. Marzen likes to think he's big man on campus, but every once in a while Winter lets him know that she's the one in-charge, despite the fact that she is the younger of the two.


My husband grew up with cats and convinced me that for our 2nd wedding anniversary present we needed to get a Maine Coon. I was unsure about getting a cat, and never imagined that we would get not one, but TWO! And I wouldn't have it any other way. They have stolen my heart completely!

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