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New Site Looks - Your Maine Coon can Be A Star

Right now I am looking for some excellent ad quality pictures to use for our home page. For now, and for later if the need arises. Each forum article I promote to the home page will have a picture attached to it. The pic has to be the normal width, and not up and down. Oh and I will be selecting the pictures for quality and its ability to draw people to our articles. So please don't be offended if your picture isn't chosen. Especially since I may later use it if the need arises.


You can rescind your permission to use your photo(s) at any time. You can share your favorite pics here. New Site Looks - Your Maine Coon can Be A Star Then, if chosen, I will have you email me the original so I can reduce the size with little loss of quality.


Also, if anyone here ever wants to write an article for the home page, just let me know. Also, if you see a post that deserves to be on our home page, just report it with a note saying that you think it deserves to be promoted. Once I get the report I will take it under consideration.

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