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Meet The Winner Of Our First Ever Photo Contest

Maine Coon Fancy is proud to annouce the winner of our first ever photo contest. Drumroll.... It is Candace, (Firedancer), for her beautiful picture of Calicoons Clair de Lune. Candace has won $50 Paypal and a home page picture and bio for Clair. Congratulations Candace! Read Clair's lovely bio here.



Calicoon Clair de Lune : Biography


I’d like to introduce my brown classic tabby kitten, Calicoon Clair de Lune. She was born April 7, 2012 out of Quadruple Grand Champion / Regional Winner Nascat Casey of Calicoon and Champion Calicoon Christina. Clair comes from a long line of award winning Maine Coon cats on both her sire and dam’s side. She was bred by Lynne Sherer of Calicoon Cattery in Memphis, TN.


Clair is a happy-go-lucky girl with tons of personality and charm. She is friendly and very sweet and loves to follow me around the house. Clair’s favorite nap spot is on the rug below the couch, and her favorite treats are Temptations Chicken flavor. She loves chasing the laser pointer and also loves any kind of wand teaser toy and will leap in the air for them! Clair’s pet peeve is having her nails clipped, but she will allow it for enough of those treats!


Clair shares “her” home with a big Maine Coon brother named Bodhi, and they love to play chase through the house and then snuggle up for a cat nap on the couch or bed. Clair is my first kitten and she has been nothing but a dream come true

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Congratulations Candace and Clair! Have fun spending your prize money
A new cat tree is a wonderful idea!
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Thank you!! I have a couple picked out and am going to order one this weekend! :) I'll be sure to post pics in the forum when I get it set up!
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Wow! What a beauty! Congratulations!!! I hope you spend that money on some treats.... :)
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i actually put the winnings towards a cat tree! But, Clair has no shortage of treats! LOL ;-)
You should have more photo contests atleast once a month :D!!
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There are plans for another Charb1987. :)