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Welcome To The Maine Coon Fancy Forums

Welcome to our Maine Coon cat forum. We just wanted to throw out a quick hello to anyone that may stop by. We run a friendly site, so why don't you stop by our Maine Coon Fancy forum page and say hello? All you need to do is register first to post.

We are located in the Eastern US very near where this wonderful breed originated. And our forums are open to Maine Coon Lovers worldwide.

If you have any questions about your Maine Coon cat or kitten, please don't hesitate to ask. There is always someone available to help you. And we certainly would love to hear all about your wonderful Maine Coons.

We also have an extensive member photograph gallery where you can share your very own Maine Coon pictures. And we offer many more perks, such as our video gallery, chat, and member projects. We want to make this a truly special, and inviting place to visit.

Please also take advantage of our brand new breeders review area. A great way to share your positive experiences, so others may benefit.

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Faraz Ahmed
Jul 13 2015 04:47 AM
Hey, I've been looking for a maine coon kitten since a very long time, but there ain't no good catteries available in India, I would want to know if anyone can ship a kitten to India
Try Nova Nochafalah. Beautiful cats and I know he ships all over the world.

I am a ner Maine Coon owner. Nice to be here

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