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Gulping food

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#1 Dizzy



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Posted 30 October 2019 - 02:03 AM

Hi, I don’t know if anyone can help...I’ve got two Maine Coons (brother and sister) who are five years old...they are both quite large my male is 11 kilos and the female is 9.2 kilos...the problem is this....I also have two other cats and my female MC , Jasmine, is food obsessed...she will eat and eat and then eat everyone else’s food as well...we just had our annual vet appointment for shots etc and my vet said that although she is quite big, she’s not yet dangerously overweight and for us just to keep an eye on her...now my male, Neelix, is not overweight at all but he tends to eat very quickly and is promptly sick and although I give him the large kibble Maine Coon food, he prefers my other cats smaller kibble and it is these small biscuits that he gobbles up really quickly and is usually sick with them....sigh...has anyone tried a slow feeder bowl and is it worth getting some? Any advice would be greatly appreciated 1EF4E43B-C550-415C-B92B-49BD16B2D626.jpeg 622C7A21-097D-4223-9198-2941F4478189.jpeg

#2 Bluerose16


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Posted 30 October 2019 - 07:16 AM

Sorry.  I have never used one.  Melody will have days were she inhales her food and promptly throws it up!!  But she, also, is healthy so I write it off as a cat thing.

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#3 RascalDog


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Posted 30 October 2019 - 08:59 AM

I suspect Jasmine's food obsession may be the reason that Neelix gobbles his food. I would suggest separating your MC's from the other two when feeding. Then take up any leftover food from your other two cats. This way Neelix will only be eating the larger MC kibble. I would also limit the amount of food Jasmine is getting and take up any food that Neelix has left over. You have a lot of cats. It may be that your MC's aren't getting enough one on one time with you. We also have two large MC's, a 10yo female and a 9 yo male. If they don't get enough one on one time with one of their humans their behavior will show it. You didn't mention feeding wet food. Wet food is much less calorie dense than dry food. It can really help with weight control.

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