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Teddy Bearz The Maine Coon...

21 June 2012 - 04:35 AM

candes | 1,072 Views

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Another drinking episode with our Melody

Stainless steel fountain $70; motion-sensor sink faucet $30. (which she knows how to work); making mom turn on her bathroom sink faucet to get a drink--priceless!

Bluerose16 | 375 Views

Assessing new toy from mommy's lap

Bluerose16 | 491 Views

new toy

Bluerose16 | 564 Views

Musical Melody

Helping Rick change dulcimer strings. Had to stop her quickly so she did not get hurt.

Bluerose16 | 690 Views

These fish are MINE

Bluerose16 | 997 Views

Zorbit and Zingara walks in nature

Leash walk training

studiolucca | 870 Views

Zorbit and Zingara at 7 weeks plus

studiolucca | 889 Views

Zorbit and Zingara at 7 weeks plus

studiolucca | 862 Views

Zorbit and Zingara at 6 weeks plus

Kittens at 6 1/2 weeks... Our first impressions

studiolucca | 771 Views

Miss Melody

Won't play with these toys until I decide to clean them all out and put some away! She found the catnip ones pretty quickly.

Bluerose16 | 1198 Views

Miss Melody

Won't play with these toys until I decide to clean them all out and put some away!

Bluerose16 | 941 Views

Banjo Blue!

Banjo turned two months old today. I just got her yesterday and I'm completely in love. :)

Rachel Pennington | 1229 Views

Wall Monkeys

Baby Girl and Beau who think they are monkeys

the biffer | 1070 Views

Not talking Elvee

Elvee wasn't in mood for conversation :-)

Maddie | 1285 Views

Chatty Elvee

This is Elvee, one of our Maine Coons. She loves having conversations with her humans.

Maddie | 1162 Views

Maximus Running

Mr Lynx | 1217 Views

Grazin' In The Grass

the biffer | 1014 Views

Maine Coon in the Mountains

As you will see in this video our favorite Maine Coons are roaming the mountain fields and scouting the area to either have fun or put their skills into play. Those Maine Coon are really majestic and their fur is amazing at this time of the year, if yo...

Catopia Cats | 964 Views

High purring

Baby Girl doing her high purr...pump up the volume.

the biffer | 859 Views

Atticus being Atticus

16 weeks

Neako | 1101 Views

Teddy Bearz And Sasha Devouring Purebites Treats

candes | 1162 Views

Emily caught sucking thumb

Caught Emily (4.5 months) sucking her thumb. Assured other cats do this on occassion. In 60 years I had never seen this behavior. Maine Coons are different...

-Tycho Pete

TychoPete | 1182 Views

Getting a drink in another unusual way

Here is our Miss Melody Allen with yet another Maine Coon way of enjoying water!! She won't go under the shower full flow but enjoys a nice drip!!

Bluerose16 | 883 Views

Murphy and the Christmas tree!

Murphy hanging around in the Christmas tree. Clearly showing why some of the lights no longer works and why we randomly find ornaments on the floor!

MiaMays | 941 Views

Large Ferocious Maine Coon Cat

candes | 1696 Views